Frequently Asked Questions

Do we ship to Canada or Europe or anywhere else?

Yes! It's no problem, we do it very often.


Do we make custom bags?

Yes! It's easy to make alterations to our designs and we can do almost anything for a small fee. If you want an entirely different style of bag from different leather with different construction method, etc. We can do that as well but it can be expensive. 


Is your leather ok for using outside?

Yes, it's a working leather, made for a life outdoors but like all leather to hold up it needs care.


What kind of conditioner do you recommend to care for the leather?

It depends on what you're doing, the best stuff for really foul weather protection is sno seal, but most people will not want to use that because it is thick, greasy and sticky. For most applications I'd  recommend Hubberds shoe grease or for something lighter, fiebings leather conditioner.